Spanish company founded in 1996.

Its main activity is to supply Clinical Material for the Laboratories of the World, Clinics and Large Corporations of the health market.

360º company that serves clients with very diverse business volumes and that takes care of each of its services with special attention.

Consolidated among our clients, it is precisely they who think very positively about our work and drive new markets and new sales.

We appreciate your confidence in time.

Our Team

Jorge Sánchez Giner
Jorge Sánchez Giner President and Founder of INILAB
Founder of Inilab in 1996, a great connoisseur of the market and driver of the export of products and professional advice from INILAB to other markets.
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Jorge Sánchez Iniesta
Jorge Sánchez IniestaCommercial Director and CEO of INILAB
Founder of Inilab in 1996, he already had extensive experience in the distribution of laboratory equipment.
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Elena Pérez Iniesta
Elena Pérez IniestaQuality Manager
Head of Prevention. Data Protection Officer and Warehouse Technical Manager.

Environmental Biologist with postgraduate training in the areas of Quality, Prevention and Data Protection.

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Eva Iniesta
Eva Iniesta Communication and Marketing Director
Labor by the Complutense University of Madrid with Master training in International Trade and Marketing as well as in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility accredited by KPMG.
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We have facilities in Madrid, Spain of more than 1000 m².

Our team is made up of highly qualified personnel that integrate the sales, export, purchasing, quality, logistics, accounting and communication departments.

Our Clients

Those who know us are very positive about our management, so we can be very satisfied to be consolidated suppliers of Prestigious Corporations that maintain their trust for years:


We work with the best manufacturers to offer the best quality in our products:


Our goal is to meet the expectations of our Interest Groups, we consider the Quality of our services as a priority


Our goal is to consolidate the image of INILAB in the professional sector that we represent both in Spain and internationally through the coordination of actions and events that contribute to the promotion and recognition among our suppliers and manufacturers in the sector, as well as ensuring ethical and responsible communication.

Our ideology:


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Who knows us thinks …

• Since 1996, Laboratories of the World, Clinics and Large Health Corporations rely on our products, services and professional advice .

• For all this we have the recognition of our work.

We believe in our suppliers and manufacturers. We always knew that a great service to the industry and the market in general could only be achieved with large manufacturers, suppliers and collaborators, so we decided to have the best brands and we got it .

We participate in the work meetings organized by the major producers of Sanitary Equipment and Technology, where the vanguard is shown.

• We visited the main Fairs and Business Meetings of the various areas of interest of INILAB.